Estate Plan Credentials and Partners

CliqTech (Pty) Ltd has been serving the digital needs of the fiduciary sector for the last 10 years. We pride ourselves in being forward thinking with focus on customer excellence. Our premier product is Smartwill which provides an online turnkey fiduciary service.

To provide a unparalleled turnkey service you have to have the right partners. We believe we have some of the best.

Zale Hechter is a Candidate Member of the Fiduciary Institute of South Africa (FISA)

Fedgroup - Our testamentary trust partner

SmartWill’s trust partner is Fedgroup who are trusted experts in trust administration and assist in safeguarding your assets when you cannot. 

Additional services:

The first steps towards a successful adult life involves more than just financial support. We have therefore included the following services in our Beneficiary Care: 

  1. Financial education

  2. Financial guidance

  3. Partner discounts

  4. Medical support

  5. Education support

  6. Family wellness

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ALK – Professional Executors and Fiduciary Services.

ALK is a fiduciary services provider with specialist knowledge and a wealth of experience to bring goodwill to any alliance or customer they interact with.

ALK was established by 3 dynamic and skilled professionals in the fields of Law,

Estate Planning, Trusts, Administration of Estates and Wills. Strong client relationships incorporating professional and personal service, is the cornerstone of their business where every client’s specific needs are catered for.

Their team has in-depth experience and expertise in estate and succession planning which ensures peace of mind for our Smartwill clients.

ALK provides Smartwill with legal advice around the quality control of our will and assists as one of the panel of Executors assisting in the finalization of deceased estate for our customers.

ALK are members of the Fiduciary Institute of South Africa (FISA).

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Xneelo – Hosting Partner

At SmartWill efficiency and data security for our customers is of utmost importance. As a result we have chosen Hetzner for their proven track record.

Hetner started in 1999, today they have 40 000 customers who trust them as their hosting partner.

They spend each day working hard to keep their customers trust and they are passionate about web hosting and as such this is their core business. They focus on delivering a hoste service that is reliable and consistent offering value and consistency.

Xneelo SA strives to push forward the standard of excellence in web hosting. Recognised as an industry leader, they have been accredited with a number of awards.

Hetzner Re-branded to Xneelo in 2019.

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Storafile – Storage Partner

Storefile offers a full suite of records management services, from the analyses and classification of important documents, through to document scanning, offsite document storage as well as cloud based document management portal and archiving stationery.

Their expertise is backed by a core team that has been working with organisations of all sizes for the past 20 years in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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